Feb. 16, 2021

17: How to Truly be a Healthy Athlete - Dr. Kyle Levers

17: How to Truly be a Healthy Athlete - Dr. Kyle Levers

Dr. Levers’ professional career prior to academia was grounded in athletic performance development at the Division I collegiate level and in the private sector.  After obtaining his doctoral degree, Dr. Levers founded a strength and conditioning facility in New Jersey where he served as the Director of Athletic Performance and Nutrition.  In addition Dr. Levers co-founded a start-up wearable technology company to improve blood pressure monitoring during exercise.

He has published several articles and co-authored two book chapters related to the influences of nutrition and supplementation on exercise performance and body composition.

Now Dr. Levers is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences and serves as the Director of the Metabolism and Exercise Testing Research Services and Academic Laboratories on GW’s main campus in Foggy Bottom.

We are going to talk about what it truly means to be healthy, nutrition, and how to talk to athletes about weight management.

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George Washington University's Website: https://bodycomposition.gwu.edu

Email: klevers@gwu.edu

Articles Discussed:

TM. Purdom, KS. Levers, J. Giles, L. Brown, C. McPherson, J. Howard. Accumulative Competitive Season Training Stress Affects Neuromuscular Function and Increases Injury Risk in Uninjured D1 Female Athletes. Frontiers in Sport and Active Living


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