June 15, 2021

34: Purpose Driven Sleep Routine with Jim Davis

34: Purpose Driven Sleep Routine with Jim Davis

Jim Davis is a former professional football player, champion powerlifter and nationally recognized coach. He leads one of the largest and most successful strength programs in the nation at the New Trier High School and was honored as 2018 NASA National Coach of the Year, and was Runner-Up in 2019. He has presented keynote addresses all over the world including Chicago, Boston, L.A., Ireland, and Haiti. 

In this episode we have Jim Davis come back to the show. If you want to know him better you can go to Episode 33 and you will get a run down on who Jim is. For this episode we have a more in depth discussion on eating, moving, and sleeping. 

We talk about: 

  • Why sleep is important
  • What are some things you do in regular life, indicates you need more sleep
  • Will my body adjust from a sleep deprived life to getting quality sleep
  • Napping 
  • How to talk with your athletes about sleep
  • How to improve your quality of sleep
  • How food and travel affect training


Jim’s Information: 

Podcast: The Good Athlete Podcast

Website: https://www.goodathleteproject.com/