Aug. 17, 2021

42: The Power of Sleep With Joshua Collin

42: The Power of Sleep With Joshua Collin

Joshua Collins is the co-founder of the sleep health company, Bioloop Sleep. Bioloop Sleep is a service that pairs professional sleep coaches with athletes, medical professionals, busy executives, or anybody who wants to improve their sleep health by leveraging their sleep tracker. Their app provides tailored programs, key insights and convenient access to your expert personal sleep coach, who empowers you with real-time sleep guidance, insights, and accountability, using your sleep tracking device.

In this episode we talked about your sleep tracking data and how it affects your overall performance and health as an athlete.

We discussed about:

  • Joshua Collins Basketball days
  • Are you better at basketball or better at tracks?
  • Why do you think you loved basketball over track?
  • How culture impacts your sports decision?
  • When did you get involved in the sleep for recovery?
  •  What ways have you seen sleep impact athletes' careers?
  •  If you have certain data points of your sleep what would you track and why? 
  • Joshua’s experience working with athletes in monitoring data points and how to interpret it.
  • What bioloop sleep coaches does?
  • What are some things that are common that athletes, or people can change in their routine that will affect their sleep and what devices can they use to see how it's affecting them?
  • How does timing affect your sleep?
  • Suggested routine before you go to sleep. 
  • Timing of your sleep pattern and how it relates to your performance. 
  • Thoughts on the stimulus that can affect your sleep.
  • How many days do you need to implement your new strategy before it works or it doesn't and then what to look for? 
  • How do you go about thinking about a sleep routine as it relates to your normal life?


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