About the Podcast

The Science of Sports Recovery Podcast dives deep into what the elite athletes are doing for their recovery routines that keep them at the top levels of performance. Guests include Professional Athletes from all disciplines as well as World-Leading Researchers on specific tools, nutrition, and trends in the Sports recovery industry to make sure you know Fact from Placebo to help you develop the recovery routine to take you to the top of your sport. Hosted by Jase Kraft - Recovery Specialist and Mindset Coach - Jase is a former DII All-American, a 4:10 miler, and led his cross country team to a 5th place finish at nationals (2018). Now an elite Obstacle Course Racer, Jase explores athletes' recovery routine and is on the search for the perfect blend of training plus recovery.

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About the Host

Jase Kraft


Let's get real. I'm a 'washed-up' college track athlete. I've had some success in my career including earning the title of 4-time NSIC Conference Champion with All-American honors, helped our team reach a 5th place finish at XC Nationals, and was ranked in the top 25 Division II Indoor Milers in 2017.

After going through a major burnout in 2018-2019, I took a year off and am now training for obstacle course races.

The one aspect that connects all sports is the art of recovery. We push our bodies to the limit to reach our goals. If we don't recover properly from workouts, we'll never perform our best. By interviewing top athletes, coaches, and researchers, I hope to contribute some crucial knowledge to our athletic community so that we can excel and reach unrealized potential.

Learn to Recover Faster, Feel Better and Reach Your Potential.