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Captivating and Helpful

I have learned so much from this podcast! Each episode is so different, yet they all tie together to make a beautiful picture of healthy recovery. Jace asks intentional questions which makes the information from the experts incredibly practical for any kind of athlete. Highly recommend giving this …

Great Info for Any Athlete

Jase does a great job of teasing out the expertise of his guest. He is able to create a connection to lead to the goal of each episode (recovery from sports). Great interviews and great info for any athlete.

Awesome advice to keep you healthy

As a long distance runner I am always looking for new ways to help recover. This podcast addresses a wide array of areas to keep an athlete healthy. I recommend this podcast to an athlete who is looking to hear from experts around the globe and hear first hand experiences and proven methods to help…

Beneficial for any athlete, coach, or parents of athletes

Pro, amateur, rec, I or just young, Jase’s information and wide range of experts can help you find the performance you are looking for. Recovering is such a VITAL and misunderstood part of the process of training that if you follow the advice from these experts, athletes, or coaches alone, you will…

Interesting and Informative

Jase does an excellent job finding interesting guests and asking good questions to dive deeper into the topic. Looking forward to future episodes!

High Quality Info, Great Interviewer

Jase does a great job of interviewing Evidence Based Professionals giving super solid advice and information.

So insightful!

Great podcast! This is actually the first podcast I’ve ever listened to, and I’m loving it. I’m not far into it yet but look forward to learning more about recovery! It is apparent that Jace truly cares about the subject, and has a desire to help people through it. I appreciate his intentionality a…

Great stuff

I’m one episode in and I already know this podcast is one I will tune back into! The host Jase, alongside numerous experts, does a wonderful job diving into the complex realm of sports recovery. I highly encourage any athlete, coach, or simply anyone interested in exercise science to take some time…

Recovery insights from the pros

I've really enjoyed listening to the first few episodes! Jase's passion for recovery is evident. His guests are super knowledgeable, and he asks thoughtful questions that make the topics approachable for a casual gym-goer like myself. Whether you're a top triathlete or still getting around to that …

Enjoyed listening!

I enjoy the many different topics that are discussed here! As someone who enjoys running and hopes to run a marathon in the future, I feel this is very informative. Highly recommend you give this a listen.

Great listen!

I definitely enjoy the multiple perspectives on this podcast! Very informative and fun to listen to! Recommend this to every athlete that wants to learn more about sports recovery!

Authentic and helpful!

Jase is the real deal with some insight helpful stuff!

Overall great podcast

Great informative podcast. Can’t wait for more!